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Tips For Getting Your New Small Business Started

Starting a business of your own can seem like a pipe dream. But for those Atlanta entrepreneurs who have the courage, fortitude and creativity, owning their own small business can offer fantastic thrills and challenges. The key is to find your unique business style and build from there. For would-be business owners, the real challenge can be simply taking those first steps. But knowing where to begin and how to get the right small business loan for your Atlanta start-up can provide you with roadmap to building a successful company. Ready to discover tips for starting your own business? READ MORE…

First Liberty Building & Loan offers funding solutions for a variety of small businesses from start-ups to established businesses.


  • You have a great business idea you believe in.
  • You have a NEW product or service that there is a market for.
  • You have created a good business plan.
  • You have money for an investment.
  • You've had a successful business career and are ready for a new challenge.
  • You have great experience to offer in an industry.
  • You are comfortable and ready for the challenges of owning your own business.

Getting a Small Business Loan For Your New Atlanta Company Doesn't Have to Be A Challenge

First Liberty Building & Loan has experience guiding new Atlanta businesses through the complex process of acquiring a small business loan. Depending on your business and the products and services you provide, there can be several options that you may not be aware of. Even with a good credit history, many business owners still need help finding the right loan opportunity that meets their exact needs. At First Liberty Building & Loan, we retain over 30 years of experience successfully helping entrepreneurs find the best loan for their business needs. To find out more Contact Us Now or Call (770) 253-4300.