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We Say Yes When the
Big Banks Say No

Creating Financing Solutions
for Your Next Big Thing

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Brant Frost IV

With one phone call, in less than 10 minutes, we can tell you with 90% certainty whether or not you'll qualify.

- Brant Frost IV, Founder & President

Hear from Mike Hardin, President of HARCON, Inc.

First Liberty is 
Always For You

100+ Years of Solution-Oriented Experience

Since 1993, First Liberty Building and Loan has provided creative financing solutions to small and mid-sized companies who need what we call "bank lending on steroids".

Our company leadership has over 150 years of combined solution-oriented experience in the real estate and finance industry. Specializing in SBA Loans, Bridge Loans and Commercial Loans"

First Liberty Building and Loan supports Small to Mid-sized companies

Focused on Supporting Small to Mid-Sized Companies

First Liberty Building and Loan offers 85-90% total financing

Offering Between 85-90% Total Financing

First Liberty Building and Loan offers loans from $250,000 to $20Million

Loans Ranging from $250,000 to $20Million

First Liberty Building and Loan Specializes in Financial, Business, and Medical, Sectors

Specialized in Financial, Business, and Medical Sectors

Can We Help You?

Discover if First Liberty is the Best Fit
 for Your Unique Vision

First Liberty Might Be a Good Fit When...

  • You've worked with us in the past

  • The project you want to finance requires help in ways a conventional bank is unwilling to provide

  • You need more than 85% of your project financed

  • You need a loan of more than $500,000

  • You meet the above criteria and other lenders have turned you away

You May Need a Different Solution ...

  • You need less than $250,000 for your project

  • You have more than 500 employees

  • Your credit score is the disqualifying factor for traditional funding

  • You need a vehicle loan or a personal loan

Ready to Share Your Vision?

In 3 Minutes, We'll Tell You With 90% Confidence 
How We Can Help You Make It Reality.