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Three Traits That All Good Entrepreneurs Share

When it comes to entrepreneurship, there are various factors that contribute to the success of a business. A good business model, marketing strategies, team talents, capital allocation, and more - they all make for critical components to a company's competitive success. In addition to the mentioned elements, it's also important to take into account the level of grit and perseverance that an entrepreneur needs to lead their venture to success. With years of experience helping companies acquire a small business loan in Atlanta or throughout the United States, First Liberty Building & Loan has met brilliant entrepreneurs with incredible vision and dedication from New York to California, Miami to Seattle, and Minnesota to Texas. So we would like to share some of the common traits that they all retain.

Common Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs


Many people are drawn to the "being your own boss" aspect of entrepreneurship, but it takes a high degree of self-discipline to operate a business and make it profitable. It is arguably the most important trait that an entrepreneur should have. Self-discipline involves doing things that may not be fun or exciting, such as setting your own rules and strictly abide by them or removing yourself from distractions that prevent you from achieving your entrepreneurial goals. It's not easy to master self-discipline, but getting into the habit of practicing it helps build character and foster the tenacity that will get your business through any challenges.


When going through tough times, it's important to remember your "why" and move forward. An entrepreneur's passion is the why that motivates them and helps keep their eyes on the prize. Building a successful business requires long hours and lots of extra work, so without passion, one would easily burn out and feel like they are just spinning on a hamster wheel. Jumping on a trend or fad only for money may help you make a quick buck, but passion is the driving force that cultivates sustainable business growth and positive impacts on your community.


Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey itself already means taking a risk, but there are so many more awaiting along the way. Whether it's taking out a loan to scale up your business or pursuing a new niche market, risks are almost inevitable in running any operations. However, taking risks does not mean going into business blindly. A good entrepreneur will find ways to identify risks in advance, analyze them, and reduce them, if possible, to avoid business failure. Taking calculated risks is a valuable skill that any entrepreneur should possess.

"A good entrepreneur will find ways to identify risks in advance, analyze them, and reduce them."

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