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How to Address Business Damages from Recent Riots

Turning to Loans or Insurance Claims

Since the calendar turned to 2020, the world has been brimming with unprecedented events and uncertainty. During recent riots amid current events, some small businesses and storefronts may have experienced damage or losses. On top of the economic injury caused by 2020's pandemic, the recent vandalism and looting occurrences have set back some small businesses. While some affected Atlanta businesses may accelerate the recovery process by seeking a small business loan, experts say that riot damage may be covered by most insurance policies.

Resources for Recovery

The best decision for Atlanta businesses may be to apply for a small business loan to get through this, but experts point out that your insurance policy may be able to cover the cost of riot damage. Jessica Golden of CNBC wrote a great article covering this topic, lending information that may help small business owners gain the resources they need to overcome how they've been impacted by recent events.

"The silver lining for business owners impacted by these events is that damage from rioting is typically covered in property policies, according to the American Property Casualty Insurance Association." - Jessica Golden of CNBC

Where to Turn When You Need a Small Business Loan

If your insurance policy won't result in a claim to help your business, a small business loan may be an option. Serving the Atlanta area since 1993, our team works with small businesses to provide the necessary capital they need to buy, build, and grow their companies. Our firm helps business owners secure the capital they need when other lenders say no. If your company needs resources and funding right now to build your future, count on First Liberty Building & Loan.

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