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24 Dec
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Preparing Your Small Business for 2021

2020 has been an unprecedentedly tough year for small businesses across the country. Though the challenges imposed on entrepreneurs in the past nine months have been trying, they also push them to be creative and adaptive to tough situations. The effects of COVID-19 are predicted to linger until the end of 2021, but as long as small business owners entering the new year with preparation […]

18 Dec
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4 Signs You Are Ready To Be a Business Owner

Have you always had an itch to start your own business? Have you always wanted to bring your big ideas to the consumer market but still wondering what it would take to become an entrepreneur? Running your own company can be challenging, but with the right skill sets and a strong business mindset, you may be ready to embark on […]

15 Dec
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Top 3 Emergencies to Address in Your Business

Entrepreneurs have to juggle many tasks and wear many hats on a daily basis. They sometimes get caught up in the day-to-day business operations, which may result in failure to prepare for unexpected events and emergencies. As a top small business lender in Atlanta, we are familiar with this issue that exists among small business owners and we would […]

05 Dec
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Things to Look for in a Lender for Your Small Business Loan

Your Small Business Needs A Loan, But How Do You Choose A Lender? Are you a small business owner who is seeking financial funding for your business? As an entrepreneur, finding the right lender is probably one the of most important decisions that you need to make. With a large number of small business lenders now available, […]

30 Nov
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Four Tips for Hiring the Right Employees

Are you looking to hire new employees for your business? As easy as it may sound, it is not a simple task trying to bring onboard the right person for the job. Not only do they need to be capable of performing the job but they should also fit in the culture of your company. As a top […]

24 Nov
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Four Things Every New Business Owner Should Know

Are you pondering the idea of becoming an entrepreneur? Or have you recently started a new business? Whatever the case may be, it can be overwhelming trying to navigate the rocky road of entrepreneurship. As a top small business loan provider in Atlanta, we have spent years working with so many business owners where we get to learn more about […]

13 Nov
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Handling Pro-longed COVID Uncertainty In Your Small Business

It’s been months since the coronavirus outbreak in March. States have been reopening and many people have started to resume the routine that they had pre-COVID. However, there is still so much uncertainty over the economy and consumer behaviors, which small businesses across the country still find it hard to handle. As a top small business lender […]

06 Nov
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Could Switching to Online Sales Save Your Company?

Your Small Business Loan in Atlanta Experts, Talk about Bringing Customers to Your Online Store  The recent years have seen the significant rise of eCommerce and its positive impact on businesses. COVID-19 pandemic with its negative effects on the global economy this year has further fueled the growth of online sales. If you are an entrepreneur who owns a brick-and-mortar store and is still wondering if switching […]

30 Oct
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What Do I Have to Do to Close My Small Business?

Are you a small business owner who is looking to close your business and move on to another venture? Or are you a new entrepreneur who is trying to prepare an exit strategy from early on? Whatever the case might be, it is not easy to think about dissolving your company. However, as experts on small business loans in Atlanta, […]

23 Oct
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Creating A Realistic Marketing Budget For Your Startup

As a new startup, you have registered your business, assembled your team, and created a good product or service. It seems like all that is left to do is to launch the new product or service and bring it to the consumer market. The question is – how much would it cost to effectively promote the business and set yourself apart from your […]