“Thinking outside the box” business ventures may struggle when attempting to complete the “boxes” for a bank loan.

Large banks and financing companies typically prefer clients with streamlined and foolproof plans. Without creative thinking, all of the advancements of our modernized society would not have been possible. First Liberty Capital aims to be on the forefront of innovation by partnering with businesses in need of a creative financial solution.

Whether your company is looking to buy, build or expand, seeking the capital to do so can be a challenging first step. First Liberty Building and Loan is prepared to meet that challenge with a creative solution. Every business has different needs and our team thrives on meeting those needs by putting our creative capital to work. Our team takes the time to listen and find out exactly what is necessary to make your vision possible. Next, we decide if your project is a good fit for us and our direct lenders. If it isn’t, no hard feelings and we will send you on your way with lots of constructive feedback. If the answer is yes, then you will never be told no again. We might be told “no”, but we will ensure that you will not.

If your project is promising, we will be creative and find a way to make it happen. We design a creative and comprehensive solution that will help turn your plan into reality. With a host of motivated direct lenders looking for fiscally beneficial opportunities, we will be the bridge between you and the banks, lenders, and direct lenders. We are in the business of advancing companies with diverse ideas and needs, and also helping direct lenders connect for reasonable returns. Since 1993, the team at First Liberty Capital has served companies by offering access to the most advantageous loan while providing reliable and exciting gains for direct lenders at the same time. Our company is ready to help bridge the gap and get the loan your company needs!